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Lemon Iced Tea

A refreshing lemon iced tea for those warm summer afternoons.

Yield: [4 - 8 glasses]

Prep time: [5 mins]


Black tea bags | 6 bags

Hot water | 2 litres - 1.8 litres for tea and 200 ml for sweetener

Lemon zest | 1 whole lemon zest

Lemon | 1 - sliced

Honey | 4 tbsp. - optional

Ice cubes


Peel the zest of one lemon using a vegetable peeler. Using a heat resistant jug, add the lemon zest and tea bags to 1.8 litres of hot water and stir, allow the tea to brew for 5 minutes. Remove the tea bags and lemon zest and leave the tea to cool completely.


For a sweet iced tea; using a heat resistant jug, add the remaining 200 ml of hot water to the honey and stir until honey has completely dissolved. Allow this mixture to cool completely. Combine both mixtures together in a large jug, add lemon slices and ice cubes and stir.



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